From Cowboys to Carnivals: The Best Themed Birthday Party Ideas

The Best Themed Birthday Party Ideas

A birthday is always an exciting time for children, and it can be just as fun for you as the parent to plan it for them. Friends and family can attend, and a variety of games and food can be offered at the party. At times, a simple design can be best, especially if there aren’t many people who will attend. However, a themed party can be easier to decorate for and plan as you will know what to get in the way of decorations. You can also prepare the food to match the theme. Below are some ideas for a themed party.

Birthday Party Themes:

Spa Days

Girls often enjoy relaxing with their friends. Create a spa themed party by decorating the home with a few stations that you might see in a nail salon. Transform the living room into a place where girls can get their nails painted or where they can get a small bit of makeup applied. You could also have an area where girls get a massage or a facial. The kitchen can be set up as the lobby of the spa where girls get tea or cookies and cakes.

Cowboy Days

When it comes to decorating for a boy’s birthday, a cowboy theme is often easy to pull off. Turn the kitchen into a saloon where guests can get a drink in a mason jar. Create foods that blend with a western theme, such as hamburgers or cookies that look like haystacks. Decorate with small hay bales in the home, and display ropes in different designs on the walls.


A sleepover party is easy to do for boys and girls. One of the things to keep in mind is that the clothing might be a little different. Guests can wear their pajamas to the party so that everyone is ready for bed instead of rushing around to put their pajamas on at the last-minute. Create a small movie theater in the living room by stacking mattresses on top of each other so that everyone can lay on the floor to watch a movie. Serve popcorn, candy and drinks like you would see at a movie theater. When it comes to games, play something that gathers everyone in the living room so that they feel like they are at a slumber party, such as a card game while sitting on the floor or even dancing to fun music. You might consider gifting your child some new pajamas as part of this party from a site like Southern Tots.

Carnival Party

A carnival party is ideal for any age. Let guests wear costumes to the party to make it a little more fun. Plan games that you would see at a carnival, such as bobbing for apples, balloon darts or a duck game. Prizes can be given for playing the games. Food can consist of candy apples, cotton candy and popcorn.

When you begin planning a child’s birthday party, take into consideration a specific theme. This will sometimes make it easier to get all of the decorations and food in order. Let guests know of the theme so that they can prepare for the games and excitement that is to come with the party. Your child will have good memories of their special day for years to come!

Reader Question: What are some of your favorite themed birthday party ideas?

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