Book Review Esther The Belle Of Patience by Erin Weidemann

Bible Belles book review

Esther The Belle Of PatienceBible Belles is a children book series. These biblical based stories give young women confidence and help instill Christian values. The story of Esther is a beautiful story of courage, bravery, and patience. Esther, The Belle Of Patience, takes this classic story and adds action to it so that little girls in today’s generation will be able to easily relate to the lesson shared.

The story begins with a team of girls playing soccer. Even though their team wins the came, they can’t be happy because there is one teammate that frustrates them. The teammate’s actions are a major problem for them. However, by learning about Esther’s story, they eventually learn how to solve their own problem.

One of the best parts of the book is the lovely illustrations and the contemporary elements used to tell the story. Rooney, the main character also, prays regularly so it encourages children to reach out to God through prayer on their own. The book provides diversity through its illustrations of the biblical characters and the soccer team. Overall, the story reveals a moral lesson that is easy to follow and understand.

Parents should be aware that there is an element of magic, which allows the children to see into the past and watch Esther face her own unique dilemma. However, the way the children are able to go back in time is a typical concept used in children’s stories and should not be alarming. I give Esther The Belle Of Patience my Cleverly Changing stamp of approval. This book is a great opportunity for parents to connect with their children. The story opens the door for parents to talk to their children about problems they may face in school, on the playground, or in other places. By giving your child a chance to brainstorm ways to handle certain situations will help them make better spur of the moment decisions in the future.

Esther The Belle Of Patience Synopsis: (from the publisher)

Bible Belles’ The Adventure of Rooney Cruz is an original children’s series that presents real life heroes like never before. The series highlights five superhero women of the Bible: Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth and Deborah.

[Bible Belles’] is setting out to present women in the Bible in a way that has never been done before. [They] want girls to connect with them and find out what being truly beautiful is all about. [Also, they] want girls to remember their names, their stories, and how special they are.

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