How to Give Any Room A Gorgeous Makeover

room makeover tips

Wouldn’t you love to hire an interior decorator to give your entire house a makeover? I use to dream of getting a makeover by the talented Nate Berkus, but being the frugal person I am, I can’t hire Nate any time soon. Instead, I’d rather save money and just make my rooms look like I hired a designer. So how can you pull of making a room look expensive, inviting, and interior-design pretty at the same time? Well, these 7 tips will help your room look gorgeous and on trend.

Research your favorite designer's style when doing a room make over1. RESEARCH

Research the latest trends. Research your favorite designer’s best tips. The quickest way to research is to go online and google the designer, but also  look for books they have published, and stores where they may have a collection.

Right now in 2016. Bringing nature indoors is hot. Add plants to your rooms, they will help purify the room and make it more natural. Expand your outdoor space to feel as cozy as an indoor space. Start with something as chic as marble. Stones like marble really gives a room a sense of elegance and adds a sense of sleek beauty. In general, the largest pieces of furniture in a room should not be the cheapest, but the best quality home furniture you can buy.

Items to splurge on:

  • Kitchen – Countertops
  • Kitchen – Backsplashes
  • Kitchen – Appliances
  • All rooms – Wood floors
  • All rooms – Chandeliers
  • Office – desk
  • Bedroom – Headboard
  • Living/family room – Couches
  • Living Room – Artwork

living room with chandelier2. ADD A STATEMENT PIECE

Buy one expensive statement piece and then use that piece as a guide to accessorize the rest of the room. For me, the one piece that will stand out the most is a beautiful chandelier. Chandeliers can cost thousands of dollars, but finding one that will elevate the room and set the tone is worth the money. Lighting helps take a drab room into a whole new level by not only brightening the walls, but also helping to give the room a larger and elongated appearance.


When you want to remake a room and make it look gorgeous you must start with bold colors. You don’t have to paint that color on the wall. You can use as an accent color by using colorful Fabrics whether on the rug, bed, throw pillows, or as art on the wall. Textiles add sass and jazz to any room. If you like classy or contemporary, using white, beige, and gray as your starting palette will keep the room from looking too Upcycled lampbusy.


Upcycle pieces you already own to bring new life into a room. Being green has been in for a while, but being green is not just trendy, it’s an important aspect of life that ensures sustainability for years to come.

Upcycling adds the classic charm to a room. It also ensures that you will have a unique piece in your home that is incomparable. Reuse fabrics as covers for throw pillows. Upcycle drawers into book shelves. Paint old upholstery. Refresh wood with coconut oil. Upcycle Pinterest boards will give you a ton of cool ideas.



Declutter. Fewer items in the room help give it a clean look. Too much stuff, will make visitors feel claustrophobic and it will cause the room to look crowded.

Vintage and Contemporary record6. MIX AND MATCH

Mix a little old with a little new. Vintage along modern. Cheap alongside Expensive. For example, barn doors are very trendy, but the old repurposed door on siding hinges is a modern touch. Not only are they trendy, but barn doors are also space savers as well. Another way to mix and match is to take a classic hutch and paint it to give the furniture new life.

In addition, metallic accessories are making a come back. Anything metal that fits your idea of classy such as crystals, gold, brass, and silver can add spice and pizazz, just keep in mine that accessories such as metallics look best when added in threes to provide balance.


Take advantage of technology before you move actual furniture. This will allow you to see several ways that the room can be rearranged without the hassle of heavy lifting.

Reader Question: What are some cool ways that you accessorize a room?

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