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Steel Master Monitor Riser #ReviewA lockable box can always come in handy, at home, work, church, school, or any another place. gave me the opportunity to review 3 Steelmaster boxes. I’m impressed with the quality and functionality of the box. If you are able to watch the video, you learn that my favorite box is the Lockit Monitor Riser. I had no idea that this lockable box would come in handy at my home, but it has really been a great addition at my daughters’ computer workstation. This box has a lockable compartment where I place their game and classroom related passwords, spare electronic cords, and the computer’s warranty information.

Steel Master Monitor Riser #Review

The box is not heavy as I would have imagined from the pictures; instead it is very easy to carry. I sure I will come to appreciate the steel material that the box is made from for years to come because it appears to be very sturdy. My favorite features from the box are that the inside compartment contains a gray felt pad that will help protect the box and other items that are placed inside, the top of the key is covered with rubber and there are holes in the back of the box so computer related cords can pass through. The last feature that has me excited is the Steel Master Monitor Riser #Reviewclear plastic feet that help keep the box from scratching the desk surface.

Don’t forget to watch my full review of all 3 Steelmaster boxes: the Lockit Monitor Riser, Lockable Suggestion Drop box and the Lockit Desktop Inbox.

You can also see pictures of the other boxes below.

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