Apollo 13 Mission - a Comic book for young readers interested in space and mission history.

If you have a child who loves to read here are a few of our “What We’re Reading”  favorites from this week. These books are recommended for elementary aged students.

The Apollo 13 Mission

by Donald B. Lemke

My kids have a recent fascination with astronauts, space, stars, planets, and the entire solar system. My kids think the freedom astronauts have to go beyond earth is amazing. They love the since of adventure and exploration when they learn about the astronauts space trips to the moon. This book is written like a comic strip that will help engage young readers. The story is well researched and retold fairly accurately.


Digestion and Excretion - books explains the excretory system and digestive system so young readers can understand how the body works.Digestion and Excretion 

by Louise Spilsbury

In homeschool we are learning about the parts of the digestive system. This book helps provide a clear explanation of how the parts of the digestive system work. Now as they recite some parts of the digestive system (esophagus, mouth, liver, large intestine, small intestine) and the excretory system (urinary tract, lungs, skin, intestine) they will have a better understanding of how the body breaks down food and uses and then releases different nutrients.



Caroline's Secret Message (American Girl ) - great for young readers who want to learn more about the War of 1812Caroline’s Secret Message

by Kathleen Ernst

In history my kids are learning about the war of 1812. So I wanted them to have an idea of what was happening during    in America’s past from the perspective of a child. Amazingly, when we went to the library I found the perfect series for us to read together. Caroline is only 10 years old at the time of the war and her father is held captive by the British in Upper Canada. The book is great because it is written so even young readers can understand how the war may have affected people’s relationships and how the conflict affected the lives of civilians. It also introduced them to new words so it was very enjoyable for us to read.


My Cold Went on Vacation - a comical story about cold germs for kids

My Cold Went on Vacation – a comical story about cold germs for kids

My Cold Went on Vacation

by Molly Rausch

This book is very cute. I used it  to help illustrate the need to keep our hands clean so germs will stop and not travel on to others around us. The narrator is a young kid who gets a cold and uses his imagination to guess which adventures he cold travels on after it leaves him. The illustrations are vivid and the story is very funny, it kept my girls attention.