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Pregnant chic and stylish tips

By the time an expectant mom get’s into her third trimester,  the realization starts sinking in: she’s been pregnant for over 5 months. And the baby is growing and nothing seems to fit.

Most women will have in-depth pregnancy conversations during their third trimester, but only a few will talk about feeling gorgeous and stylish in their third trimester. Uncomfortable and swollen? Every other day. Lovely and chic? Not so much.

But the following fashion tips prove that moms-to-be can be beautiful and stylish during the third trimester. If Jennifer Lopez can steal the show at red carpet events two weeks before becoming a mother of twins, maybe there’s hope for all!

Fashion tips for pregnant womenTank tops and tunics

You’re probably worried about looking like you’ve simply let yourself turn lame when it comes to fashion. But tank tops and other similar garments can help smooth out the sudden pooch as well as contain your enlarging breasts. Avoid tops that are too tent-like and blowy: opt for ones that flow gracefully over the bump while still keeping their shape.

Tunics are also a great choice. While they are fitted across the arms and shoulders, a tunic flows smoothly across the middle, hiding extra weight. Stay away from too fitted, loaded-with Lycra Tunics. The curve-hugging tops do a good job at showing off your curves post pregnancy; right now they’ll make you feel blown up.

Stretchable jeans and tights

One of the most stylish and comfortable jeans to wear during the third trimester are stretchable denim leggings. Such jeans not only provide all the comfort a pregnant woman seeks from a pair, but the style boosts her confident as well. Stretchable maternity jeans feature a tricot front panel that conforms to the rest of the body and can be folded down and extended after the end of the pregnancy period.  

Also, pregnancy tights with light compression that are as stretchable as maternity jeans, while providing a fashionable true gradient compression. Graduated compression prevents swelling and increases blood circulation to energize tired feet and legs. Such tights are available in a variety of colors so you never run out of options when it comes to matching them with your tank tops and cardigans.

Wrap dress and boot cuts

Let the wrap dress embrace you, or vice versa. Opt for something in a solid and sleek color, or a color-block pattern. If you haven’t taken a leave from office, you’ll look perfectly pulled together and be stylish and at ease while running errands over the weekend. When the bump gets higher and bigger, simply switch where you tie, turning the frock into an empire-waisted garment, providing a differentiation between belly and bosom.

Another versatile pick to go with this fashion statement is a pair of dark maternity boot-cut denim which feature a stretchy fabric at the waistband. The color and cut would flatter you throughout the last trimester and be suitable for almost any social gathering or workplace.

Snug-sleeved tops and skinny pants

Women often reach for bigger clothes during the third trimester to hide the size of the bump. This sounds like a good idea, but may end up contributing to a bulky look that kills off your style. A better option is to slim down the silhouette and emphasize the features that are not expanding.

This can be done with skinny pants and snug-sleeved tops – they are sexy and feminine, and allow for a perfect mix of classic and modern. You can also try knits on occasions to fit your form, or pair a crisp dress shirt with jeans or leggings and a tee underneath. 


Images retrieved from September 4, 2014.

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