Subtraction Math Game and Pilot Pen Review #shopletreviews

Cute subtraction craft game made with pilot pens. #shopletreviews #crafts #kids #learning.

Finding great pens for creative activities is essential to creating long-lasting enjoyable crafts. I really like when I am able to find great pens that work well so  I can make homeschooling crafts that my kids can enjoy.

I originally found this craft on Pinterest, from Mamma.Papa.Bubba. that my kids enjoyed. Below I share the review for pilot pens and the instructions for the do it yourself craft math game.


  • The Pilot ( PIL31600) B2P Gel and (PIL36621) B2P Colors Multi pens were easy to use.
  • I love that the B2P pens are environmentally friendly. These pens are created from recycled bottles. Cool, right?
  • The pens did not bleed through the paper.
  • The pens glided across the paper with ease and i didn’t need to rub the pen back and forth on the paper.
  • There were 7 colors to choose from

The (PIL 31850) Acroball Fine Pt pen has black ink and a small point

  • This pen is perfect for fine lines and everyday use.
  • The pen is light weight and made with hard plastic.

The Frixion highlighter (PIL46502 ) has a fine tip which allows for more control.

  • Thin comfortable base.
  • Bright color for greater attention
  • No excessive bleeds or dryness
  • It’s erasable. I used the erasable pen’s eraser to erase a line and was fascinated to see it disappear. However, it did not erase with just a few rubs from my fingers.

The erasable pen (PIL31451  – Frixion clicker) is incredible.

  • The eraser is almost hidden on the top of the pen.
  • To use the pen you push down on the middle handle to expose the ink.
  • The ink is nice and thick and doesn’t look like the spotty erasable pens I once used during my childhood.
  • My kids like this pen because it gives them the freedom to write or draw without worrying about making permanent mistakes.

My kids really love helping with crafts so this pen gave me more confidence to allow them to help.

How I created the craft with pilot pens


  1. Pilot pens and highlighters as mentioned above
  2. Green Construction Paper
  3. White Construction Paper
  4. Brown Construction/foam Paper
  5. Die (2)
  6. Counters
  7. Ruler
  8. Thick Tape
  9. Scissors

Step 1

Draw the tree bush and truck by hand. I let my children cut the larger pieces out so they can get more scissor (fine motor skills) practice.


Step 2

Use the ruler to create 2, 1/2” boxes and a 1” box at the bottom


Substration Game Craft5

Cute subtraction craft game made with pilot pens. #shopletreviews #crafts #kids #learning.

Step 3

Trace the boxes with scissors (on both sides) so  you can push-out the box. Draw the minus simple for subtraction or an addiction symbol for adding. For the 1 inch box only make openings on the side. If you cut out the entire box, like I did, you will need to tap the back with a piece of the foam paper.


Step 4

Create the number line with a ruler. Then slide the 1” paper through the 1” square on the foam trunk.

Subtraction Game_Pens #craft



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