You Are Not Alone: Be supportive #30forSickleCell

4 ways to support a friend with a chronic illness #30forSickleCell

It’s important for people to understand that if you have a family member or a friend who is living with Sickle Cell Disease or any chronic illness it’s not what you say, but what you do that makes the biggest difference.

What can you do to be supportive?

1. Be willing to listen

There are times when the best support we can offer someone is to be silent and listen to him or her share what’s on their heart. Advice is not always appropriate, sometimes the person just needs to express their feelings.

2. Be present

Sometimes it’s not about talking, but more about being physically present to let the other person know that you are a physical support system when one is most needed.

3. Offer a healthy meal

If someone you know is feeling under the whether, bringing them a meal shows love care and concern.

4. Send a note of encouragement

A positive letter can be a mood changer when it arrives. Letting a family member or friend know that you are thinking of them can really help a person feel less isolated and loved.


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Reader question: What are some of the ways you best show support to others?

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