Four Vehicle Moving Day Tips

Moving can be extremely stressful. From the uncertainty of picking up and leaving to that niggling feeling you may be forgetting something, moving can take an emotional toll. But it doesn’t have to.

There are lots of things you can do in your moving preparation to alleviate anxiety.

It can be difficult to figure out exactly how you are getting from your current location to your new home. Choosing the right vehicle can help you feel
calm and secure while moving.

Here are four common vehicle options you should consider.

Rental Truck : Vehicle moving day tips to help make your move much easier.1. Truck

Rental trucks are probably first on the list when you think of moving vehicles. In fact, chances are very high that you’ve experienced a move with one of these trucks before.

These trucks are great if you are moving with a lot of your furniture because they provide a large, enclosed space for transport. Keep in mind that you will likely need help loading and unloading this kind of truck, even if that just means enlisting your neighbor’s teenage sons.

Rental rates are determined according to a couple different factors, such as rental period, equipment, and mileage. Mainstream rental companies like Budget Trucks, UHaul, and Penske have a feature that allows you to estimate your cost on their website, so shop around!

Car hauler: Vehicle moving day tips to help make your move much easier.2. Car Hauler

If you are moving a good distance away, it can be difficult to decide what to do with the well-loved family car. Shipping cars can be pricy. Sometimes driving the distance isn’t worth the wear-and-tear to your car or the extra work. Especially if you are trying to work out logistics for multiple family vehicles and a moving van.

In this situation, you may want to look at a car hauler for the job. Many trailer companies have car haulers you can rent that can accommodate several cars at once.

If you move often, especially with two or more cars, you may even want to look into buying a car hauler. You can find car haulers for sale in any online classifieds or directly through trailer manufacturers. The advantage of buying from a supplier instead of through a friend or ad is that you have the option to customize the trailer to best suit your needs. And, even better, your new trailer will be under warranty.

Vehicle moving day tips to help make your move much easier.3. Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailers are specifically designed to be simple to load. They also have the capacity for carrying large items like furniture, but you will need to cover any items that may be damaged by adverse weather or travel.

If you have a truck or SUV, a flatbed trailer is a great option. Your vehicle is probably already equipped to haul this kind of trailer. Just be sure when you rent or buy that you check the towing capacity of your vehicle against the weight of the loaded trailer (if you don’t factor in the weight of the trailer itself, you will likely damage your vehicle).

Flatbed trailers have the advantage of remaining extremely useful, even after your move. As with car haulers, you may want to look at buying if you often carry loads that can’t be accommodated by a truck bed. Buying a trailer can be a great investment for your family, but remember to shop around. There are many companies that specialize specifically in trailers, and their experts can help you find your best trailer option.

4. Closed Trailer

Closed Trailer: Vehicle moving day tips to help make your move much easier.If the previous options look a bit too pricy for your family or you just don’t need very much space, you should consider a rental trailer. These smaller, closed trailers provide the protection of a closed rental truck, but are cheaper and can be hauled by almost any car equipped with a hitch.

These trailers are best suited to shorter distances, smaller loads, or family cars that don’t have the towing capacity for a larger trailer.

No moving job is exactly the same. Considering your family’s immediate and long-term needs when making your vehicle choices can help you feel safe and travel efficiently while you move.

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