Manage Monday: Drawer Organizing Tips

Organizing drawers can be a daunting task.  Recently, I decided to turn the chaos in my drawers into a tidy space where I could easily find the things I need.

Equipment Needed

  • Purchase drawer organizers to separate your clothes. IKEA has a great selection.
  • Green tip – Use a scarf or cloth material you are no longer using as drawer liners.

Tips to organizing your drawers


  • First, empty your drawers, get rid of items you no longer need or want. Drawers should not only be used for storage. They should be a personal display for you to enjoy.
  • Second, organize your drawers so that most used items higher and easily accessible. Items you don’t use often should be in the lower drawers.
  • Third, separate like items by color and type, and then place them in individual compartments.


In order to keep your drawers organized you need to have a simple, yet efficient system of putting things back it their appropriate areas. Staying in the habit of putting things back will help motivate you to keep your drawers organized.

Reader Response: What’s your favorite organizing tip?

Use scarfs to line drawers


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