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Disclosure: *This is NOT a sponsored post. I did not receive a monetary endorsement to share this book. All of the opinions expressed below are my own.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Marriage: A Married Couple’s Truth About This Thing Called Marriage by Derrick and Sonya McCollum is an excellent resource for husbands and wives. I married my husband in 2006 and I wish I had this book as a reference and guide during my first years of marriage. Without a doubt, marriage is my most challenging experience. It is clear from reading the pages of this book that Derrick and Sonya are being honest and transparent about their own relationship to help all of us all who are in need of knowledge about the ups and downs we face after we unite together. The McCollum’s are a fearless duo who share the raw truth about marriage, their marriage, and strategies that will make a marriage work.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Marriage: A Married Couple's Truth About This Thing Called Marriage by Derrick and Sonya McCollum

My reaction to the book

If I could reach out to Derrick and Sonya now and hug them, I would. Early within my marriage I faced so many of the same issues that Derrick and Sonya mentioned. Unfortunately, during our first years, I thought our problems meant that my husband and I were just incompatible: oil and water that should not mix. Then, I convinced myself, that we would just live out the rest of our lives dedicated to loyalty regardless of sharing joy with each other. However, through the lessons, resources, and tips shared in this book I know that the issues we face all have a root cause and that my husband and I should journey together to overcome our obstacles.

As I turned the pages, I found myself openly shedding tears. Their story is a great reminder that marriages have hope when two people come together and fight for their union to be saved. One of the most profound lessons that I will take with me and carry out in my relationship is to set up rules when we communicate and stick to them in order to give each of us the respect that we deserve.  There are times when a spouse may shutdown or lock the other person away, instead of addressing the situation or problem head-on hoping that it will fade away or heal itself. The McCullum’s encourage the readers to be open and candid with their spouse because problems that are deep-rooted don’t just go away. Also, the by-product of sharing openly and truly is authentic intimacy that will continue to grow as years progress.

I loved the collective approach to the book, Derrick and Sonya, both offer their own unique perspectives, scriptures, and tips and questions for the reader to reflect on after reading each section. The book is well written and their personal stories are captivating and real. I am thankful that the McCullum’s went beyond the Christian safe-circle of telling married couples to pray and then everything would miraculously get better. No, they share real issues, real questions, and then encourage readers to work out their issues not only through prayer but also self-reflection, counseling, intimate communication, etc. I am grateful for their ministry and I highly recommend their book.

A Message to Derrick and Sonya

I would love to see Derrick and Sonya create a workbook, to go along with Unlocking the Mysteries of Marriage, I plan to give the book to my husband for him to read, but it would be great for couples to have a workbook to do together. I wish them much success in the future!


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Derrick and Sonya have been married for 17 years and are the parents of 4 children. They are the founders of a Christian Marriage Counseling company called The Marriage Menders. To learn more about the book, The Marriage Menders Inc., and  Derrick and Sonya McCullum visit:

*Disclosure: *This is NOT a sponsored post. I did not receive a monetary endorsement to share this book. All of the opinions expressed below are my own. Remember, all amazon links on this blog are affiliate links.