Finance Friday – From Clutter to Cash: how to make money while cleaning your home

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FindMoneyinHomeEver so often I look around my house and I feel like it is time for us to declutter our surroundings. If you have kids, then I’m sure you may collect more clothes toys, DVDs, and CDs than your kids may be able to use. If you are able to find items in your home that can be resold then you can make money while you are cleaning.  In order to make this change take place, take a few minutes to look around your house and assess what items you may be able to turn into cash.

Some places that you may want to consider selling items is ebay, Amazon, or Music Magpie. These three online stores are great places to make money for your household, savings fund, vacation, gas, or leisure money. In order for you to make the most out of selling you should consider which items are going to sell the best and be the most popular.

 How To Decide Which Items to Sell

First search your home for items you no longer want or need. Used items should be cleaned and inspected before you decide to sell them. Then consider the following categories to help you decide where and which items you will list and sell first.

1. Top Selling Merchandise is New Items

New items generally sell the best. A new item is typically something that is unused, unopened, and in original packaging.

2. The next best sellers are gently used items.

Of course the closer the item is to new condition the better. Many buyers also look for used items that also come with their original box etc. Of course, you can sell items without original packaging, but you will be able to make more money the closer the items are in like new condition.

3. The 3rd best sellers are rare, antique, or specialty items.

Although this last group will often yield the most profit. The audience and future buyers are generally less than the first two categories and these items may take you longer to actually sell.

Source: ugaldew

Based on the 3 stores mentioned above my selling recommendations are as follows:

  • Ebay – Gently used items that are still in great condition
  • Amazon – New items that you were able to get a great deal on and resell at a profit
  • Music Magpie – Cds. DVD, or video games, which are used and still in great condition.

Does Selling Work For Me?

Yes, this week alone, I made over $100 just by going through items in my house that I purchased on sale, but forgot about, and didn’t use. Who can’t use an extra $100? I know we could; especially with the rising gas prices.

Reader Response: What are some creative ways you make money that work?

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored.
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