Book Review: All Pro Dad by Mark Merrill

It would be great if dads all over the world encouraged and mentored one another on how to carry-out their role as fathers. Luckily, dads now have Mark Merrill‘s book All Pro Dad as a great guide. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the privilege of knowing my father, but I do know that having one is very important to help a child establish his or her own world-view and how he or she reacts toward authority figures. Allowing my children to have a relationship with their dad was important to me, even before they existed, which is why I married a man that I thought would make a great dad. I think fathers help establish the tone of love in the home and sometimes it is not easy for them to know how to guide their families, but with love and dedication a successful outcome should be inevitable. Mark Merill is a dad who takes his role seriously, just as if his life depended on it. I believe, if more dads knew what a huge difference they could make in the lives of their children they would try to fulfill the role as if it was the most important job they could do.

All Pro Dad is an effective book because it uses examples of real dads who are respected leaders in their communities and homes.  These men have really important jobs, but share how their job as father is the most rewarding and important. Their words of wisdom encourage men to take ownership of their responsibilities and build family lives that will have lasting positive results. Many of the stories moved me and I would gladly recommend this book to any dad looking to make a difference as a father.

Quotes of Wisdom from the book that inspired me

  • “The seeds you plant in your relationships determine what you’ll get in return”. (pg. 190)
  • “This is your opportunity to establish a new flight plan as a dad and create a new direction for your children and future generations of your family.” (pg. 197)
  • “You must have empathy in both parenting and coaching. Whether it’s one of my players or one of my children, as a leader, I have to be able to put myself in their shoes.” Coach Jim Caldwell (pg. 206)
  • “As parent’s we’re called to direct our children ‘s life passion.” (pg. 237)
  • “In our lives, God is the aquifer of love. God is love and, therefore, the source of love.” (pg. 263)
  • C. S. Lewis said, “Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.” If you depend on others or on things to make you happy, or if your self-worth depends on achievements, you undermine your reason for being. Your joy should come from knowing who you are and whose you are. (pg. 290)

Mark Merrill admits that he isn’t a perfect dad, but his shares his wisdom from his experiences both successful and unsuccessful to help others learn. The book is an easy read, written from a male perspective, and is open and honest about life as a parent.


Disclosure: Booksneeze provided me with an ebook copy of  “All Pro Dad” for reviewing purposes. An amazon affiliate link is enclosed.

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