I’m Attending the Reviewer’s Retreat

Reviewer's Retreat 2012

Hurray! For the next couple of days I’ll be live at the Reviewers Retreat in NC. The reviewers retreat is taking place at Great Wolf Lodge Resort in Concord, NC. This will be my first official blogging conference. I am thrilled to have a chance to meet so many bloggers and an opportunity to get better acquainted with the sponsors.

I’m Most Excited About

  • A chance to learn great information about how to take my blog to the next level. Blogging has become a big part of my life and is a business in many ways. To be able to share, educate, and collaborate, with so many great people and brands is life changing. Sharing information about my own fervent passions and have others interested too, is definitely a dream come true. I want to learn how to share the best reviews and other information so my blog will continue to thrive.
  • Being able to meet big brands face-to-face and talk to them about working with CleverlyChanging in the future is definitively an advantage. Blogging opens many doors so learning how to effectively utilize this experience is extremely important to me. Knowing how to stay connected and continue to network is critical in the blogosphere as well as in the real world. I think having the conference at Great Wolf Lodge is less intimidating for a first conference and much more inviting.
  • Meeting bloggers I follow and tweet. This is one of those rare chances when blogging is no longer just a virtual connection. There are millions of bloggers who are genuinely passionate about their brands and I am looking forward to this smaller family-friendly environment to make connections with bloggers I respect, appreciate, and admire.

Do you want to know more about the conference?

If so, please subscribe to my blog and check back often this week (the conference ends on Tues). I’ll also tweet live, just follow the official conference hashtags #RevRet12.

A special thank you to RazerEdge Studios for Sponsoring this trip to the conference!

The Reviewers retreat has a host of sponsors, but it was founded by Bridgette from theNotSoBlog.com  and Cecilia from CoolBabyKid.com

*Pictured with me at the tailgate party is Ashley from Momicles.com

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