By now, people all over America have heard about the craze of Pinterest. People either love it or hate it, but for bloggers who want to be successful, they should learn to love it and utilize it to the best of their abilities. The first session I went to at the Reviewer’s Retreat was about Pinterest. For me, I currently use pinterest, but I only see a very small modest affect it is having on my blog. For some bloggers with great pictures and many pin worthy posts, their traffic has sky-rocketed. I wanted to attend the session so I could learn how to be more effective at this site, which I have already grown to love. Below, I am sharing with you my session notes. Please feel free to ask questions or add your comments in the commenting section below.

Why Pinterest?

  • Increases a blogs traffic
  • Excites Brands
  • Encourages you to better your photography skills
  • Increases Brand opportunities
  • Broadens your audience

How to Make Your Pins More Effective.

  • Add text. (Good descriptions really matter)
  • Take Original Pictures and Pin Quotes
    • Pin Recipes
    • Pin Crafts
    • Pin Birthday Parties

How to Make Your Blog more Pin Friendly.

  • Revitalize Old Post on your blog.
  • Put text on old post
  • Take new or replace older pictures with better pin worthy photos
  • Make sure your posts have working pin buttons. Having a “Pin it” button gives other Pinterest users the permission to pin.
    Consider placing a “pin it” button on  each picture.

10 Tips for taking better Pictures

Ask yourself – How much time do you spend with photography for your blog?

  1. Turn off flash.
  2. Shoot in Natural Light
  3. Find your spot
  4. Set the Stage
    • Style your food. Play with it.
    • Create a light box (google it)
    • Get better lighting. Buy extra lamps
  5. Change Your Perspective
  6. Consider composition
    • Go beyond obvious posed site.
    • Shoot the obvious picture first, next be creative
    • Consider not centering
  7. Shoot the details (tell stories with your pictures)
  8. Take a lot of pictures
  9. Practice
  10. Edit
Remember to create pin boards for your blog, but use it for other stuff too. For instance create boards of items that interest you. This will help others get to know you better.
Several useful photography  applications are as follows:
  • Pink Monkey
  • Camera Plus
  • Vintage Cam
  • Quad Camera
  • Photoshop
Lastly, consider this resource, “Understanding Exposure” – a photography book
Session led by Felicia from Go Graham Go, Stacey from the Divine Miss Mommy, and Piera from Jolly Mom.
Feel free to join the fun and follow me on Pinterest, comment on this post and let me know so I can follow you back and repin a pin or two.