Reviewer’s Retreat 2012

My blog is really one of the best things in my life besides my family. It is something that I thoroughly enjoy. Writing posts give me a way to find new passions in my life. When my husband suggested that I start a blog, I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. It wasn’t until after one of my close friends started blogging that I was able to see the real joy and benefit of blogging. For me, the sense of community is the greatest benefit of blogging because you come to learn and share experiences with a diverse group of people that you may not know intimately, but you come to respect and appreciate their opinions and expertise.

I would love to win a scholarship to the Reviewer’s Retreat because I need to take my blog to the next level. I really enjoy reviewing products. I love learning about new gadgets and new ways to be creative with my girls. By attending the reviewers retreat I would be able to learn so much more. Blogging is about sharing with others and making your writing or photo experiences personal and engaging. While I have learned a lot in the 2 years I have been a blogger, there is so much more that I need to learn in order for me to grow. I want my blog to be the best that it can be for my readers, my family, and my friends.

Ultimately, I would like my blog to be a brand that helps contribute to my family financially. I also want my blog to be a safe haven for moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and anyone looking to learn more about parenting and children by providing a comprehensive review of products they are interested in. The goal of my blog is to empower. The tech and blogging world is constantly changing so by collaborating at the reviewers conference I would be one step ahead to making my ultimate goal a reality.

Many parents live on a budget and really rely on good honest reviews so I would love for my site to be the go-to place for these parents to get the education that they need to feel empowered and informed when purchasing items for their children. Of course, I believe that the reviewers retreat would also be a great place for me to network and develop face-to-face relationships with other bloggers and great brands. I have not had the privilege of attending a conference before and the location, date, timing, and length are all great. I am really looking forward to this opportunity and would love to be chosen as the Reviewers Retreat 2012 winner of the Presidential Scholarship. Great Wolf Lodge is a wonderful family retreat and I would love for my family to join me, so receiving a scholarship would help make this a family trip that we all would appreciate and enjoy. Being a stay-at-home mom I need to get out and meet other like-minded people that value my opinions and skill set. I am really looking forward to the retreat that will be held Sunday, June 3, 2012 at 1:00 PM through Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at 11:00 AM (ET) in Concord, NC.


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