Does Sponsorship Affect How You View a Blogger’s Content?

As a blogger that writes numerous sponsored post, I felt intrigued after I read Jennifer James’ article ” What Do You Prefer? Sponsored Post Disclosure Up Front or At the End?” As a result, I am interested in knowing what my readers desire. Would you like to see disclosures upfront? Also, how do you feel about the credibility of sponsored posts overall?

Although many of my posts are sponsored.  I always write from my heart.  In fact, it is very difficult for me to write posts when I am not passionate about the topic.  Having my posts sponsored is like an added bonus for me to write about a topic that interests me and receive a small form of compensation. I believe integrity is foremost and should always come first so I always include a disclosure.  I also do not alter what I would say based on sponsorship, but would happily start placing my disclosures at the beginning if my readers would prefer it.

I am interested in your thoughts. After reading James’ article again, I concluded that she just wants to be as transparent as possible, which makes sense.

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