FREE Savings Apps for your iPhone or Android Smartphone

One benefit of using smartphones is saving money by using apps. There is an app for almost everything. If only there was an app that would literally cook my family a healthy meal when I’m tired. Although technology hasn’t reached this point yet :-), I am happy to share a few of my favorite FREE apps with you that save me hundreds of dollars.

1. The Coupons app

The best part of about the Coupons app is that it tells you where the cheapest gas can be found. OK, we all know gas prices are ridiculous so I am supporting any app that will give me a little reprieve at the pump. This is also my go-to app whenever I am at the mall and need to buy clothes for my kids or purchase something tasty for us when have no other choice but to eat out. The app shares which deals are closest to your current location.

i.e. Here are the deals from today, I pulled up

2. The Michaels App

If you’re a regular reader of Cleverly Changing you may know that one of my favorite stores is Michaels. They really have the best most consistent coupons on the market. Thankfully, there is now an app for their coupons, which are usually 40% off of one regular priced item or 20-25% off of sale items. I usually use these coupons to purchase books and toys for my kids as well as crafts. However the store can be addictive so keep in mind that you need to stick to your list so you won’t over spend.

3. The Redlaser App

Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and several other stores price match. Just scan the bar code of a product and Redlaser displays the cheapest price, usually you have to speak with customer service to obtain the lowest price. It is worth it to me because I can buy more products within my local communities for low prices without hunting all over the internet.  Another benefit is that you are spending money on the product you want  at the price you and you are economically supporting the community you live in at the same time.

4. The Staples App

If you are a Staples Rewards member, hopefully you use your rewards card. The savings can be in the thousands if you have a small business, but I will have to explain the details in another post. This app sends you coupons and your reward bucks once they have been processed. The Staples app is one of my favories because I have trouble keeping track of lots of loose papers and coupons (yes I do have a coupon binder but it isn’t always practical to have it and my kids with me. The electronic coupons obtained by this app are easier to find and use.

5. The Groupon App

I mainly use the Groupon app for local entertainment deals. Groupon has lots of fun things to do for a cheaper cost. One groupon that I really loved was for a local hot air balloon ride. I thought it seemed so romantic and would allow us to have  quality fun cheaper.

These apps not only save you money, but they also save you time. Thus, I would assign these apps a #winning hashtag because it is a win-win every time.

Reader question: Which app do you use to save money the most?

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