Review: Revenge of the Red Knight (Imagination Series #4)

The Imagination Station series has done it again, now children all over can enjoy the stories best loved in history from a perspective they can relate to. Revenge of the Red Knight helps explain what the cousins: Beth and Patricks, ongoing quest is all about. The children finally meet Albert face to face who is the reason for their mission. The series thrives on the fact that the children are traveling back in time to help save Albert’s life. In book #1 Voyage with the Vikings we learn that Albert is Mr. Whittaker’s ancestor and also part of the reason why the imagination station will not work for him. This book clarifies the mission, makes the characters more concrete, and sets the stage for more adventures to come.

What I like most

  1. The book is a fun, suspenseful story, that is not predictable. Surprisingly, I was on the edge of my seat at times. The story was age appropriate and tastefully written.
  2. The story line will able to both young boys and girls because Beth is in many ways a heroine. There were times when I genuinely felt proud of her.
  3. The story ignited a desire in me to learn more about knights and their challenges.
  4. There is a puzzle in the back of the book that is perfect for children because it reiterates important words they should know.
  5. If the other books seem to just take a person on a reading whirlwind. This book lands the storm and makes sense out of the madness.

Overall, I found this story refreshing and I am looking forward to the books that will follow.

Recommended age for this book is 7 years old +

Click Here to learn more about the authors and the Imagination Series (the series has expanded to 12 book).

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of the book. But the review is from my honest opinion.

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