Manage Monday: Organizing your Child’s Small Accessories

Final Product

After I had children, Michaels quickly became one of my favorite stores. The store has many storage solutions priced reasonably. This post will share with you how to find the perfect solution for storing your child’s small accessories such as hair bows.

  1. The Plastic box pictured  can be taken apart and combined with other boxes as needed.
  2. The container originally comes with 3 separate compartments, but you can purchase more containers separately to add on to your box.
  3. It is clear so it will blend with the decor.
  4. It is easy to separate your items by color, size, and /or style.
  5. Your children can help you separate the accessories and place them into the boxes. My 2 y/olds thought it was a fun game. I enjoyed getting them involved and made this a learning activity where your child learns about shapes, colors, sizes, and other similarities and differences.
  6. The box is light weight so it can be carried from room-to-room or on a trip.
  7. The best part is that I can take off the top bin with the handle attached and place it in your luggage if you need to, so keeping the accessories organized is always a cinch.

Savings Tip: If you sign up for Michaels email advertisements they will send you coupons. Typical coupons range from 50% to 40% off one regular-priced item or 20% off your entire purchase including sales items. Their weekly ads also contain current coupons. Our store does not keep the local ads inside so if I didn’t receive one in the paper or by mail I usually have to print out the coupon I plan to use.

Michael’s Coupon (CURRENT-July 23, 2011)Click Here 25% off including sales items

Looking forward to readers’ responses: What are some other tips or storage options for small accessories? How would you use the box in the picture?

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