Review: The UniverSoul Circus

When the lights are dim, the energy is high, the crowd is wild, grandma and baby are both screaming with excitement and the entertainment before you is raw unparalleled God given talent there is only one place that you could be: enjoying a show at the UniverSoul Circus.

The best part about the UniverSoul circus is that even if you go alone you will have a great time. Each act is dynamic and fearless. It is one place where everyone seems to be enjoying themselves equally. Immediately, the Ringmaster sets the stage for interaction between the performances and the crowd. The glowsticks illuminate the arena adding to the overall out of this world ambiance. Regardless of whether its the dancers, high-wire rope act, Jean Claude, the globe of death, women from china, rahel the contortionist, the acrobatic Russian swing act, any of the animal acts, or the others none of them disappoint. You will be electrified, full of enthusiasm and maybe even frightened for the performers at times; nonetheless, you will be on an amazing emotional roller coaster ride viewing some of the most fascinating people in the world.

If you are looking for an activity that the entire family will enjoy. Stop by the UniverSoul Circus.

Their tour schedule for 2012 is as follows:

* Bronx, NY
March 21 – April 1
149th St & Exterior St

* Queens, NY
April 3 – April 15
Roy Wilkins Park

* Brooklyn, NY
April 18 – April 29
Floyd Bennett Field @Aviator Sports

* Washington, DC (Starting March 31, 2012 ONLY tickets are on sale for $9.39 at the McDonald’s located at 8710 Central Ave., Capital Heights, MD. Cheap Tickets available while supplies last!) A big thanks to KYS 93.9 for picking up the difference. The Tickets are for the MAY 3rd 7:30pm SHOW ONLY.
May 3 – May 20
Capital Plaza Mall

* Baltimore, MD
May 22 – May 27
Security Square Mall

* Norfolk, VA
May 29 – June 3
The Gallery at Military Circle

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