What Makes Me Feel Lucky

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I don’t necessarily view myself as lucky, but I am definitely blessed. Lucky is for people who win the lottery, but I don’t even play, so my chances at luck are super slim.  As for what makes me blessed.  I am sharing what comes to mind first.

  1. I have an incredible family.  My husband is a wonderful person and faithful. We are learning more about each other as we raise our girls because they are our miniature replicas.When we first married I complained about trivial things often, but now I’ve learned to enjoy our differences and loosen-up. I also see little things in my children that reveal my character flaws so everyday I am working to improve.
  2. My daughters are healthy and rarely get sick. They like eating their vegetables and playing with each other. My heart goes out to the many parents that put in long grueling hours with their children and never have a break or anyone to say they understand. I also realize that the greatest gift I have ever been given is my children and I try to cherish all of our time together.
  3. My children keep me entertained by saying the funniest things.  “Mom, the stinky bus is outside,” one daughters says when she hears the garbage truck entering our street. Rarely, does a day go buy with one of my girls giving me a hug and telling that she loves me.
  4. I am able to work from home and teach my girls throughout the day. Several hours throughout the week I designate “Mommy and Girls time.” My daughter prompted this by closing my computer one day.  She said,”Mom, close it.” I saw that she wanted and deserved uninterrupted time. So everything else is put aside besides them. For several hours they have my undivided attention.
  5. My husband supports my blog.  He doesn’t read it , but encourages me to write often and connect with others.
  6. All of my families’ basic needs are met. We never gave a legitimate reason to complain.
  7. Although, I never finished all the education that I wanted to, I realize that there is still time and I still make a list for my goals.
  8. Most of the people I love the most are still around for me to enjoy and interact with.
  9. I value the common sense that I’ve been given. I am not extra wise, and I don’t always make the best decisions. However, I have made enough good decisions that I am content.
  10. I have been given an extra dose of patience, it is what separates me from many others. I rarely get irritated, and am generally laid back.

To some people I got lucky in my life, but to me, I am living a life full of blessings.  Please let me know what makes you feel lucky.

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