10 Tips on how to Score Travel Deals

How to Score The Best Travel Deals


Travel for cheap as a family. The internet has helped make travel deals known, accessible and very affordable. Some people may still prefer to use a travel agent, but below I list 10 simple ways that you can score great travel deals.

Shop around for  Travel Deals

Don’t just depend on one travel site to find the best deals for you. Last summer I was looking for tickets to go and see my family.  I assumed that Southwest would have the cheapest tickets but after doing some searching I found a better rate through jet blue and was able to fly into a more convenient airport.  Try using cost comparison tools like bookingbuddy.com.

Compare cost

BeFrugal.com has a travel calculator that will allow you to compare the costs to fly and the costs it will take to drive. In additional it also calculates how much CO2 emissions each trip with use. Now whenever I plan a trip, this is one of the first places I go.

Groupon also usually has some decent all inclusive travel deals. GO ON YAY!CATION- Summertime Deals on Must-Go Destinations- Book Now!



Read more about my own Groupon vacation here: Finance Friday: Before You Travel Check Groupon Coupons.

Be flexible

If your departure and arrival dates and times are flexible you can get cheaper rates on flights.  On the weekend everyone is traveling and rates will tend to be higher. In the middle of the week there are fewer travelers and airlines are likely to have more empty seats they want to fill. Consider taking a cruise in the winter, not during their peak seasons.

Don’t be fooled

If you are renting a car call your auto insurance and find out if you are also covered while using a rental car.  Many insurance plans offer this type of coverage so there is no need to purchase it from the rental company when they try to sell it to you. In addition, many major credit cards that are required when booking a rental also offer rental insurance.

Take short trips

There are often many fun things you can do within a few hours’ drive so don’t always assume you need to go far away. Short trips wont leave you tired and jet lagged giving you more time to have fun.  Also taking several short trips could be better than one long trip that takes several days to recover from.  Additionally, many airlines offer pretty good rates for short trips like Chicago to Baltimore for $59 from Southwest.

Don’t over pack

Don’t spend extra money to carry more luggage. Plan your outfits carefully so you can reuse items and keep the amount of luggage you need to carry to a minimum. If you are just going away for the weekend each person should not need much more than what can fit in a carry-on.

Use public transportation

If you are traveling to a major city don’t rent a car.  Before your trip take some time and research the public transportation options and use them as much as possible to get around. They are much cheaper and will let you really experience the city.

Look for coupons

Go online and do some searching. Many rental car companies offer discounts and special rates for certain employers and users of certain credit cards.  The discounts are not a lot but they can help. Don’t forget about Ebates, you will get cash back when you use sites like Expedia and Orbitz.com. Go directly to EBATES.

Cheap lodging

If you have friends or family near your destination consider staying with them instead of spending money on a hotel. If you don’t know anyone consider staying at a bed and breakfast instead of a chain establishment. The owners will be able to give you tips on local attractions to check out. Many also cook breakfast and have a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Combine your vacation with friends or family to cut costs.

By booking flights and lodging as a group you will be able to get discounts and reduced rates.  Also the kids will have fun being around their relatives (free child care}

Plan ahead

Start setting aside money well in advance of your trip this will help you budget wisely. Additionally by booking early you can often get better rates.

Lastly, to score some of the best flight travel deals contact airlines directly for children flight discounts

Many are cutting these discounts out because of raising costs and gas prices, but it is always worth a try to ask. Also, keep in mind that children under 2 fly free.

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How to Score The Best Travel Deals

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