The Joy of Happiness Starts With Parents

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As a parent you help to set the tone in your home. Joy comes from a pleasant and content state of mind. The attitude that you wake up with and how you interact with others in your home will set the stage your families happiness. Here are 10 tips on how to keep a happy attitude from day-to-day.

  1. Let go of things that don’t matter. Some issues just are not worth us exhausting all of our energy for; furthermore, we will be a lot happier if we work on tasks that mater first.
  2. Go on family vacations. Schedule some time for uninterrupted fun with your family and let loose.
  3. Spend quality with your family. For example, reading to each other, playing games, dancing, going for walks or hiking, exercising together are just a few of fun ideas that come to mind.
  4. Study your families likes and dislikes. If you don’t know each other well, you should spend some time gaining a deeper connection with your family. Some ways to achieve this are listening to each other, supporting everyone in activities that they are involved in.
  5. Eat healthy as a family. Almost everyone has heard the saying,”You are what you eat and garbage in, garbage out.” These sayings have some merit. If you eat nutritious healthy fresh food you will feel better, your stress level will be lower. You will also be happier because your body itself will feel better.
  6. Be positive. Fill your mind with and share positive thoughts with your family. Try to look at life as being full of opportunities. Also keep a thankful heart for your family. Compliment your love ones, give gifts, write notes, etc.
  7. Learn new things together. Everyone’s interest will be different, but if you take some time to engage each other and learn about these differences and possibly develop some common interest together your relationships with one another will grow.
  8. Express your love for each other daily. Sowing love is important because your actions will prove how you feel inside. Verbally expressing your love is also important and acts as a reminder that your love is still present. It is great to hear will someone you share your love with mutually feels the same way.
  9. Meet the needs of your family both the ones that are tangible and those that are intangible as well.
  10. Overall, it is important to provide balance in your home. Communicate, share, provide boundaries, and caring environment and joy will fall into place.

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