Book Review: “I Love My Hair” by Natasha Anatasia Tarpley

This book sung to me, it was like the words floated from the pages and danced with the rhythm of my heartbeat. I struggled with “loving my hair for many years” and before I had my own daughters I made peace with my Creator for giving me hair as thick as lamb’s wool and as soft as cashmere. Laughing, I often find myself falling in love with my hair daily and I am so glad that I finally found a book that shares my own joy on a level that my girls can relate to.

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased several children’s books from Target.  I wanted to get some books because with children that looked similar to my own. I felt horrible my children did not own books that had illustrations of children who looked similar to them.  I personally believe it is important to see people with similar features and people from all over the world.

On a whim, I purchased several books for kids that looked interesting and diverse, but I fell in love with the book “I love my hair,” by Natasha Anatasia Tarpley. The illustrations are by E.B. Lewis. Even if this book did not have words, the pictures alone would capture a child’s attention. The words compliment the storyline perfectly, like bread and butter.

The book tells the story from a little girl’s perspective and like most black children, the little girl doesn’t like getting her hair done because it often hurts when her mother styles her hair. The examples of onomatopoeia (“Tap, Tap, Clicky-Clacky”) make the book come alive.

My daughters, and their friend love this book.  When I read it to them for the first time. They asked me to,”Please read it again and again.” I was thrilled, my kids enjoyed the book and I enjoyed it as well.

Here is a Youtube video I found read by NicheFaulkner and her daughter.

You can purchase or get another look at the book on

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