10 Things I Wish I knew Before I Had Children

Before I had children there was a lot I needed to learn. Here are a few things I wish I knew before I had children.

  1. Newborns often need to go to the doctor for checkups and shots for several visits before the age of 1. (Find a pediatrician you really like because you will be seeing a lot of each other.)
  2. There will be times when you will rarely get a break to take a shower or use the bathroom.
  3. If friends and family members offer to help, let them. Don’t be shy about the need for help, make it plain.
  4. When babies are first born, it is not unusual for every diaper to be a “poop” diaper.
  5. When trying bottles, try different brands before you buy a lot and see which one your child likes and which ones work for them and then purchase more.
  6. Breast-fed babies should use special nipples designed especially for them when bottle feeding; nipple confusion is real, and all nipples are not the same.
  7. Formula milk stains babies’ clothes.
  8. Before you buy a stroller make sure it will fit in your car’s trunk.
  9. Stock up on unscented wipes, you will use them a lot.
  10. After the baby is born you may bleed for a month.

Is there anything you would add to this list? One more I would add is that most people are really pregnant for 10 months (42 weeks) not 9 months.

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