New Mom? My Top 10 Baby Tips

Babies are truly a blessing.  They will provide years of joy and love in your house.  Below are my top 10 tips for new moms.
1.  Of course you have heard everyone say, “sleep when the baby is sleeping.” Best advise ever, newborns take several naps, so share one of those naps with your baby and get things done while they are taking an additional nap.

2. Find a pediatrician before your baby arrives. Infants need to be seen several times during their first weeks of life, so make sure that you have a pediatrician that you feel comfortable being around.

3.  Share the load. Speak with family and friends about things they can do to help; especially if they are offering to provide assistance.  Don’t be shy, you will need a little assistance at first; mainly to help do the housework and cook.

4.  Designate an area for changing the baby. Babies like routine and consistency.  When changing they will learn to be ready when it is time for a clean diaper.  It will also make things easier if you have everything needed near the station so changing will take place promptly and safely.

5.  Attempt breastfeeding if you feel that it is important. The research makes it clear that a mother’s milk is optimal for a newborn child.  If you would like to breastfeed please try it and ask for assistance from a lactation nurse if you have any questions.  Breastfeeding my twins took persistence and patience on my part. You must eat and drink plenty of water. I was determined to succeed at it and after about a month or so, I did.

6.  Don’t be afraid to supplement. If breastfeeding is overwhelming and doesn’t work with your lifestyle or situation, do not feel guilty.  Supplement as needed and speak to your physician about the best formulas on the market.

7.  Take a little time for yourself. If at all possible, carve out at least one hour a week to gather yourself.  Even if it is soaking in the tub for an hour with some candles and book, do so to keep your stress level in check.

8.  Take your baby for a walk. Fresh air has a magical way of lulling babies to sleep.  You will get a chance to think and the baby will enjoy the fresh air.

9. Talk to your baby often. Have conversations with your child. Your baby will surprise you one day and answer your questions.  The goal is expose him or her to many new words and ideas as you can, you will amazed later on by what they will be able to recall.

10.  Bond with your baby. Even if you have to send your child to daycare, take time everyday to hold your baby close and share your love generously.  Babies love being close to their parents so it is great for both Mom and Dad to do separately.

These are my top 10 tips that I have gathered for my personal experience.  Please take a few minutes and share some of your tips with me and my readers.

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