If I Had a Few Extra Minutes In My Day

If I had a few extra minutes in my day this is what I’d do. A part of me wants to say relax, but I know that taking a few minutes to do absolutely nothing is unrealistic.

  1. Organize my bedroom closet. I dream of one day installing a closet unit like the ones Nate Berkus uses in his renovations.
  2. Arrange my spices alphabetically.
  3. Read more books and magazines. My girls don’t allow me to have much free time, so it really takes me a while to get through a book. Another remedy would be to learn how to speed read.
  4. Hang out with my friends. Many of my girls live in other states so I would have to travel to their location to enjoy some old time fun. For now, I will have to settle for our good memories.
  5. Follow a good recipe.  I usually find myself having to improvise because many receipes call for ingredients that i don’t have.  Recently, I have been making the simplest meals possible.
  6. Go through my office papers.  I usually only get to tackle this once or twice a year, my goal would be to do it monthly.
  7. Learn how to sew.  I would love to make my girls matching outfits.
  8. Write a couple of olde-fashioned letters.  I have several family members that don’t use email so I would be able to send them a few lines to brighten up their day.
  9. Organize our garage.  It is my husbands space, but I hate going in there because it isn’t as orderly as I like.
  10. Blog everyday.

If you had a few extra minutes in your day, what would you do?

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