Tips to Save Energy in Your Home This Winter

Last year my husband and I had an energy audit done on our home.  I wanted to know if the tips that I was given really worked, and I am glad to report that they absolutely do.  My girls and I are home most of the time and I thought our bills would have doubled. Previously, my husband and I worked long hours and were away from home 12 hours a day 5 days a week.  Surprisingly, my bills are now lower than when I worked outside our home.  Following I list some tips that I was given.

1.  Turn your water heater to 120 degrees.  At 120 degrees your water heater won’t be too hot and will kill bacteria.

2.  Replace  filters regularly. Most filters tell you exactly when they will need to be changed so follow the manufactures recommendations.

3.  If you don’t already have one get a gas washing machine. Gas appliances save more energy than electric appliances. You could be saving up to $150/load.

4.  Put silicon on any gaps or cracks facing the outside of your home.

5.  Add more insulation to your attic or other appropriate areas. Attic insulation should be about 16″ thick.

6. Get a carbon monoxide detector and keep it low to the ground where it will be most effective.

7.  Get an energy saving programmable thermostat.

8.  Change shower heads to an energy efficient one.  The shower heads will still offer a desirable amount of water pressure.

9.  Use energy saving light bulbs like compact florescent lightbulbs, but remember that the contain mercury and need to be recycled rather than disposed of in the trash.  Places like Ikea and Best Buy have recycling programs. To learn more about CFLs Click Here.

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