Have you Tried Target’s Portrait Studio?

For my daughters 2nd birthday photos, my husband and I went to Target for the first time.  Target’s portrait studio is conveniently located in some of their Target stores. Prior to leaving the house, I told my girls that today was picture day and they needed to be on their best behavior and smile “big” for the camera.  They were thrilled to be leaving the house, but we Em arrived in the picture studio it was a different story.

The moment the photographer asked Em to sit down with her sister, in front of the back drop, she screamed and grabbed me tightly.  She did not feel comfortable in the new environment.  After 15-20 minutes, several breaks including a walk around the store she finally felt at ease in the studio when I was ready to give up.  I tried singing, giving her props, extending bribes,etc; but, nothing worked.  Finally we gave her and her sister a mirror and her fears decreased. The only problem is that each shot had one child looking at the mirror while the other was looking at the camera.  Ultimately we chose pictures with each child alone showing their personalities.  The beauty of professional photos is that it only takes one or two great shots for us to have pictures to share with our families and friends.

Surprisingly, this was one of the best experiences we’ve had in a while; even though the entire process tired me out. The photographer was patient.  Friendly and kind. We are planning to return to get holiday pictures taken.

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What I like Best about Target Portrait Studios

Target’s portrait Studios offer a better deal than most of their competition because they do not charge an extra sitting fee per child.

If your coupon states $4.99 per sheet that is what they are offering not $4.99 after you purchase several at a higher price.  If you get a portrait package the offer changes to $9.99 per additional sheet.

Why TargetThey report that 5% of their profits are donated back into local communities.

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