Need Books? Tips for finding cheap books for children

Children’s books can be expensive, but if you know where to shop you will not have a lot of out of pocket cost. Of course going to the library is free, but your child will not have their favorite books with them where ever they go. Following are a few places that I have seen books with great prices for children.

1.  The thrift store. Our local thrift shop has books for 30 cents a piece.  They also have a bag of 4 small board books in great condition for $.90.

2.  Target.  Target’s dollar section has pretty good educational books for children around back-to-school time.

3.  Ross and Marshalls.  As discount stores, if you are able to find their clearance books you can get some of the most popular children books at rock bottom prices.

4.  Ebay.  You can purchase new books or used books depending on your preference.  Many auctions will also allow you to purchase a lot of books at once, sometimes for the price equally the total cost of one book.

*Savings tip: Check the clearance section at stores.  Especially the bargain bins at book stores.
Where do you buy books for your children?

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