Best Bargain: Woolite Drycleaner’s Secret

If you haven’t tried Woolite’s Dry Cleaners Secret yet now is your chance.  Rite Aid is offering a $2.00 Single Check Rebate on 1 box (exp 11/27/10), but it is limited to 1 per household.  The manufacturer is also offering a $3.00 rebate on a 6 count box (exp 11/30/10). Additionally,  All You’s magazine is providing a coupon for $1.50 off, so now is the time to try them at a great price.  Below is what I like most about them. The box is $9.99 at my local Rite Aid so in the end I only spent $3.50.

What I like about Woolite’s Dry Clean Cloths

1. Very easy to use. The instructions are simple.  Test the fabric. Spot Clean. Through  up to 4 garments together in the dryer for 20 minutes and remove.

2. Saves me time and money from having to go to the dry cleaners.

3. The product actually works.  Frankly, this is the best reason of them all.

4.  They give the consumer the option of trying a scented and unscented product.

5. Woolite is a brand name that I trust.
I started using Woolite’s dry clean cloths about a year ago.  They were on sale at Rite Aid and I thought to myself, “My Mom loves Woolite’s product so I should try them.” I am glad that I did because I had two tiny babies and little time to worry about dry cleaning.  The product worked like a charm.  I have only used the dry cleaners to tailor some garments, but I am no longer making frequent trips. If you have tried them tell me what you think.

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