Review: Edu Shape Foam Letters – Nontoxic

It is scary when you think you have a toy that is recalled.  When I heard the news about foam mats in Europe being recalled. I searched for information to calm my fears, and I am happy to report positive news.

When my girls were a couple of months old.  I purchased Edu Shape Foam Letters for them.  I wanted the letters to cover our hardwood floors in their room and introduce them to their letters.  Below I will let you know my likes and dislikes about the foam letters.


  1. Formamide-Free, has compiled a chart with lab results from well known foam maker companys.
  2. The foam letters are are great for providing a colorful soft cushion for their floor.
  3. 2.  The foam letters come in bold colors so it also helps me introduce their colors to them.
  4. 3.  The letters are easy to clean. For example, my children are growing and are starting to write on everything they can get their hands on.  So one day they wrote on the letters with an ink pen.  I thought the ink would be there forever, but I used a lysol wipe to scrub the letters and the ink came right off.
  5. 4.  The letters are durable.  We have had them for almost two years and they still look brand new.
  6. 5. My girls enjoy the soft cushion the foam letters provide for them to play on.
  7. 6. The letters punch out easily so we can review their letters, create words, and colorful blocks for building.
  8. 7.  The letters are found at a wide variety of places like Target,, and


1.  The only downside is the price.  There are several foam letters on the market and these are one of the most expensive.

2.  Also price related, these letters rarely go on sale.  I followed them for a while and noticed that they were cheaper only about twice a year when the store was having a special sale storewide.

Over all, I think the foam letters are a wonderful teaching tool. So I recommend you follow a sale and purchase them for your child/children.  My girls know there letters and numbers well, so they are a great resource.

Disclosure: I received no compensation or anything free for writing this post.

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