It’s Back to School Time, Is Your Child Ready?

Back to school tips

The summer was full of new adventures and  lessons.  As the heat starts to become more manageable in our lives, it reminds us that our laid back routine is about to end.  The end of summer and beginning of fall ushers in an exciting time for new beginnings. Here are a few tips for getting your kid ready to go back to school.

11 of our Best Back to school tips

1. Talk to your child about the upcoming school year.

 Ask him or her whether or not they are excited or if they have any fears or concerns. Next, address any fears or concerns and share your child’s excitement. Speak positively and reassure your child that this is going to be a wonderful year.

2.Visit the school before your child’s first day.

If this is your child’s first time attending the school, schedule a time when you can visit and meet his or her instructors.

3. Set clothing aside in advance.

Make sure your child has his or her school clothes or uniforms in a designated area, at least enough for the entire school week. This will help your child lesson their preparation time in the morning.

4. Purchase school supplies.  

First see if your child’s school has a list of the needed supplies, one may arrive by mail or you may need to go on the school’s website.

5.  Make a weekly menus for breakfast, lunch (if your child is not going to eat school lunch), and dinner.  

The earlier you prepare the less time you will need to later. It will also allow you set your budget and meal costs.

6. Supplement your child’s education with other activities.

Research the school’s extra curricular activities and sign your child up for at least 1 or 2 activities that may be of interest to him or her. (Try not to over do it, too many activities and your child may get too stressed too early.)

7. Reduce Back to School stress by creating a morning to-do list together.

Make a chart of morning routines that your child is expected to complete before school.  Share the chart with your child and decide whether or not there will be any reward incentives given.

8. Clarify Expectations

Talk to your child about what will be expected of him or her academically. Also discuss the options available if your child needs help in a particular area.

9. Record new memories

Take a picture of your child’s first day so that you will have a record of this new stage in your child’ s life.

10. Teach your child how to set boundaries

Talk to you child about the types of friends that he or she should choose (i.e. students that listen to the teacher and students that encourage others, not ones that engage in gossiping and other negative behaviors).

11. Affirm and love your child

Lastly, express your love for your child and how much you care.  Let him or her know that you are there to him or her succeed.

Remember your child needs to be mentally, socially, and emotionally ready for school so if there is anything else you can do to encourage your child positively in this area I recommend that you do it.
photo credit: Pixabay

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