Review: Fisher-Price Stepstool Potty

I purchased the Fisher-Price Pink Princess Stepstool Potty because I was told by a Mom with 5 children that it really works great.  The potty plays music (4 tunes are available) when the child has made a deposit.  After I purchased the potty, I was thinking about not using it and giving it to someone as a gift, but when my girls saw the potty box they insisted that I open it, and so I did. Here’s my thoughts. 


1. Great for alerting the parent that the child has actually used the potty. We have two other types of potty’s and I never really liked having to keep checking to make sure that my child was done.

2. Easy to clean. Most of the parts are made with plastic so they can be wiped and thoroughly cleaned.

3. The potty cup can be easily removed and emptied.

4. The step stool holds up to 100 pounds and can easily be used to help a child reach the sink for hand-washing time. (both a blessing and a curse)

5. Lightweight. My children carry their potty to the sink so they can wash their hands.

6. Quick and simple set-up. It took 3 minutes at the most, to set the potty up for use.

7. Helps children become enthusiastic about wanting to use the potty.

8.  Good color options: pink or blue.

9.  I like the concept of the potty being shaped like a throne, which makes it simple, but cute.

1o.  Only requires two AA batteries, i’m so glad that it is not more.


1. The seat cover comes off way too easily.  My daughters can take the cover off and empty the potty cup themselves. Independence is encouraged. Spilling urine/extras on my floors are not.

2. Because the white cover doesn’t attach strongly, my daughter got her finger stuck under it once. To avoid this, my advice is to watch your child closely.  Her finger wasn’t stuck for long so there weren’t any major injuries.

3. The music is a great incentive, but during the night it can be annoying.  One of my girls wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to the potty.  Once, the noise startled me.

4. Requires batteries. I hate buying batteries.

5. You have to dry the potty so that it will not play music at odd times.

6. I constantly have to explain to my kids that this potty is not a toy.  They use the step to reach everything.  They carry it to the kitchen and try to use the ice machine, which they were not able to do before.  I recommend that you lay down some ground rules if you purchase this potty.

Over all, I like how this potty excites my girls.  However, I am well aware that they have to be watched closed with it.  It is not one of let those, let them sit and leave them kind of potties.

Please share your experiences.  I am curious to hear about what you think of this potty.

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