10 Tips for Saving Money On School Supplies

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School is starting and parents are anxious to get their children’s school supplies. Below are some tips to help parents save money on school supplies.  The tips I share with you are everyday useful tips that can really be applied to most items that you purchase.

1. Look through weekly sales ads. Quickly browse your paper for store ads and purchase the items that are on sale. Also, their are sometimes coupons in certain store ads that you can use to lessen the costs.

2.  Shop Clearance merchandise.  Some stores don’t advertise their clearance sales in the newspaper but if you quickly browse up and down the store aisles you may find extra savings.

3.  Shop at stores that match prices.  Many stores match their competitors prices so take other store ads along with you and shop. You will save on travel and time if you use this option.

4.  Don’t forget about price adjustments. If you keep your receipts with you, stores will often give you the difference in your purchase price and their sales price if it is within 14 days.

5.  Buy in bulk or purchase the maximum amount allowed on sales items.  Children sometimes run out of some supplies before the year is over and the prices are inflated. If you choose this option, also consider online savings that are available.  Use coupons by searching on the internet and use Ebates, Swagbucks, or Mypoints so that you will earn money or points on the amount of your purchase.

6.  Shop at more than one store. If there is a store item that you can’t get another store to match, go buy it.  Deals are often found at a variety of stores. Office Supply Stores like Office Max, Staples, and Office Depot have free rewards cards that offer specials to their members throughout the year. Also don’t forget about stores like Michaels, A.C. Moore, and Hobby Lobby.

7. Look through the list thoroughly and don’t buy items that are not needed. Some items on your child’s school list are unnecessary so you may want to speak with your child’s teacher to see when the item will be used.

8.  Don’t buy everything on the list at once. If you wait a while, like a couple of days after school starts certain items may be discounted more or you could just request the price adjustment I mentioned earlier.

9.  Reuse supplies from last year. Some things will be in good condition and can be reused such as binders, backpacks, extra paper, etc. When you see school supplies on sale that you know your kids will need, buy them year round if the item is discounted really low.

10.  Attend local churches and pre – school events because sometimes they have back to school events where they give away free school supplies.

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