Updates: Sleeping and Potty Training

I am happy to report that my girls are sleeping in their own rooms and in their own beds.  Some nights we may get a tear or two, literally, which is rather funny.  The last time I wrote about my children waking up in the wee ours of the morning and taking over Mommy and Daddy’s bed, they were about 18 months old. Now, they know the routine, and are usually too tired to put up much fuss.


Potty Training Memories

Now I smile as I reflect on these last few months,  I can remember writing that “it was hard to let go“. I am happy to report that we have let go and I am so glad we did, my husband and I can spend some quality time together.  Getting them to sleep on their own is liberating for me.

As you know, I am potty training our girls and I will never forget these moments. I was hoping to get them to use the potty at least 75% of the time.  Yesterday, they went about 50% of the time with about 50% misses so I figured that my goal was fairly reasonable.  I even tried to pay attention to their patterns and calculate how often and what time  I should sit them on the potty.  Today, my observations were rarely accurate.  I was either way too early or way too late. The hair-raising moment came when, it was a little after 7pm and they were tired and ready to retire to bed. I ran their bath water and put them inside.  Then I went to their room to grab two pull-ups for the night and slipped on something unthinkable. Yes, minutes before their bath one of my daughter ran around the house and left few surprises behind. This is LOVE I thought, this is GENUINE, REAL, SELFLESS LOVE.  I spent my “me” time cleaning up the mess, while my husband watched and bathed them.  No worries, I am reassuring myself, tomorrow will be a better day.

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