How To Successfully Breastfeed in Public

Before my children were born I knew that I would be a breastfeeding/nursing mother. I wanted my children to have all the benefits of their mother’s milk because it was formulated just for them.  However, after they were born I felt extremely uncomfortable nursing in public.  I remember hating being out with my children and needing to feed them. It was really a catch 22 because I needed an outlet and I did not want to stay in doors all day everyday.  Consequently, I had to learn how to comfortably breastfeed in public because I didn’t want to hear my child cry from hunger.

Infant twins feed often; especially, when they are very young so feeding out in public became a necessity I learned to master. At first, I use to go to the car, and feed them, but now that breastfeeding is almost behind me, I feel comfortable feeding my child almost anywhere. Here are some tips that should help mothers feel more comfortable while breastfeeding in public.

1.  I recommend getting a nursing cover or blanket. Drape the covering over your breast while feeding your child at home and away from home.  My reasoning for using it (sometimes) at home would be to get the child use to be covered during feedings so that he or she doesn’t expose your breast while you are out.  One of my daughters didn’t like things over her face while feeding because it felt strange to her.  In time, I was able to train her to keep the covering over my breast and her mouth so I wasn’t exposed.

2.  Train yourself to feel comfortable and relax while feeding your child in public because breastfeeding is natural and you shouldn’t be worried about what others may think. It really is a natural human right to feed your child so think about the nourishment and the advantages that breastfeeding provides. At first, I felt a bit self conscious about public nursing, so I had to retrain my own thoughts before I was successful at it.

3. Try to create a similar atmosphere that you use at home while you are out in public such as sitting on a couch or comfortable chair.

4. Wear clothes that make it easy to be discreet while nursing your child.

5. Sit in an area that isn’t full of pedestrian traffic.  For example in a restaurant or store sit away from the aisle or in the corner.  Sitting away from others will also be more quiet, which may help you relax while feeding.

6.  Remember, the bond that is created between you and are child is worth it. With persistence you too, will learn how to comfortably breastfeed in public.

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