My husband and I purchased two Cosco Scenera car seats for $35 each, the day after Thanksgiving.  Car seats are very costly and when we didn’t get the Britax ones that were on our registry, I researched this one on Consumer Reports and the reviews were pretty good.  Better yet, the price was unbeatable.


1.  They keep our girls secure when they are properly installed.

2.  The girly cushion is cute and appealing.

3.  My girls don’t mind being in the seats.  I don’t know if this is due to the seats being comfortable or if it’s because my girls love going places.

5.  I love that there is a 5 point harness because it keeps the girls secure in their seats.

6.  The cup holder is a convenient bonus.

7.  The cover easily removes for washing.

8.  It came with a great plastic cover with a handle, which makes it easy to take on an airplane.


1.  More cushion beside their heads would be great when they fall asleep.

2.  If you don’t make sure the seatbelt is locked in place, the carseat will turn while the driver is turning the corner.  However, if the seat is properly installed this will not happen. For safety reasons, you may need to double check before each ride.

3.  You need to make sure that you push the middle snap part up; otherwise, your child may be able to get out.

4.  My children sometimes don’t look comfortable in the seat.  They don’t complain, but when they fall asleep in the seat I am concerned.

Frankly, I would recommend this seat only if you are on a budget or if you need a second car seat for a sitter or grand parents, etc. If you want a plush seat with cushions and headrest you will have to purchase another or buy them separately.

Thanks for reading my review, please let me know if you found it helpful or share your experience with the product.

Disclosure: I received no compensation or anything free for writing this post.