Avent Bottles

What I loved about the product?

  1. Naturally shaped soft wide nipple
  2. Different size bottles to choose from
  3. These bottles will grow with your child.  When your child reaches the sippy-cup stage you only need to buy the attachments to use with these bottles instead of a totally new set.
  4. Designed to reduce gas and colic
  5. The bottles were easy to clean (gift set came with a great bottle brush).

What I didn’t care for about the product?

  1. They were not BPA free (please be aware that Avent now sells BPA free bottles, but I did not try them so this review are not for those bottles).
  2. You have to make sure the lid is screwed on correctly, which is true of any bottle or it would leak.
  3. One of my daughters would not drink from these bottles at all. Once I realized they were not BPA free I threw them out and didn’t worry about her refusal. But that is one of the reasons why I didn’t try their other products.
  4. These bottles can be costly depending on where you purchase them

Although, I only used these bottles for a short period of time, there were several features that I really liked.  Now that they have BPA free options on the market, they may be worth trying.

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