5 things on your ‘Honey-do’ list that never get done #ServiceLive

Dear Reader,

Before I started blogging, during my children’s naptime, I kept my TV tuned to HGTV. The shows were great, but my husband hated how I always came up with new things for him to do.  Well honey, the TV’s off, but my list keeps growing (-_-) thanks to twittermoms and servicelive.  Here are just a few things I need my hubby to do that haven’t been completed (all were taken from a list I actually sent him):

1.  Purchase a storm door for the front and replace the back door.

2.  Paint the ceiling in the living room coat closet.

3.  Purchase a new toilet and tub for the green bathroom.

4.  Power-wash the back of the house.

5.  Cut down/trim the bush on the side of the house that is directly outside the family room window.

I am happy to report that there were 10 other items on the list I sent him, but my husband has already completed a few. Our personal deadline is 2011.

All the best,



I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and ServiceLive blogging program to be eligible to receive $100 in ServiceLive Bucks. For more information on how you can participate, click here.


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