May 2010

Parenting Green

One world, one life, and only one choice is needed to make a difference. We need to decide as Moms, wives, sisters, aunts, and daughters if we are going to use our influence to make a difference.  We are the ones who shape future habits and instill values in our family members.  It is important

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Of course there are countless studies describing the importance of breastfeeding, but not to many describe what it is actually like to nurse a newborn baby.   During my pregnancy, I read several books and went to a few seminars about the importance of nursing infants, so I figured that because I was armed with the

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I Tried It…CVS Savings

CVS consistently advertises free items after Extra Bucks. While, I have a CVS ExtraCare card,  I usually don’t buy the free advertised products because it is not something that we typically use. I try to clip coupons and use them when the items are on sale, but I never saw huge mega savings.  However, I

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