Bright Starts Activity Center

Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go! Activity Station

I purchased this activity center when my children were about 6 months old.  The moment we put Elle in it she loved it.  She really liked peering at herself in the mirror. She also learned how to move the whale to make the fish spin rather quickly.  Em didn’t like the movable seat at first but really liked the activities.  After about a month or two both girls grew to really enjoy the movable chair and activities.  Em liked running around in circles very fast.  I removed the chair when the girls were about 11 years old because they were walking and I put batteries in the activity table to keep their attention intrigued by something else. I want to note that I didn’t put the batteries in the activity table at first because I didn’t want them to get bored with the toy quickly.  They were also teething when I first bought it so I didn’t want them sucking or biting some of the toys; consequently, I attached the parrot and duck last.
What I liked most?

  1. The different activities brought a variety of fun to my girls.  The piano was and still is the biggest hit.  Who doesn’t like a ‘Jammin Giraffe?’
  2. The seat adjusts to your child’s height
  3. Second I like that this product provides longevity.  Longevity is the main reason I allowed myself to spend so much on it. My children are almost 2 y/o and this toy continues to provide satisfaction because the movable walker can be taken off and the table stands alone with other entertaining activities.
  4. I also like that there is a removable spot for snacks.

What I liked the least?

  1. The only criticism I can provide is the parrot seems pointless. I didn’t want my kids putting it in their mouths and it really didn’t seem to have a function.
  2. The activity where there is squeaky toys and a star pond in the middle could have been something better, like a toy that helps teach children their alphabets.
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