Celebrate Black History and Win #ATT28days

Why not celebrate black history and excellence among black Americans who have fought for an equal place in history, 365 days of the year? Thus, as February ends we can’t neglect to celebrate black Americans who are still paving a way for younger generations, just as our forefathers like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Stokley Carmichael, and Harriet Tubman did for us in the past.

A couple of weeks ago, I listened to two of my favorite graphic designers podcast, I See Pixels. David and Anthony,  posed a question during their show: where are the black graphic designers? I’m happy to share that for 9 years AT&T has celebrated Black History Month with its “28 Days” program, and are helping answer this question. The 28 Days website highlights stories on modern black innovators who continue to influence business, the arts, community, and STEM.

AT&T 28 Days Black History program

One interesting part this year includes a “#BlackExcellence” photo album that visually shares compelling stories of how black people have helped shape American culture. You can check them all out here: business, arts, community, STEM.

In addition, AT&T created a really cool documentary series called “Those Who Dare…” featuring some trailblazers in business, art, community and STEM:

Artist Dubelyoo Wright, featured in the YouTube video above, uses smart devices to create and display award-winning urban art.

Christine Souffrant uses social media to connect people to street merchants around the world.

Entrepreneur Christine Souffrant, uses social media to connect people to street merchants around the world.

uses tech to engage communities in health and wellness. 

Health Advocate Dr. Ian Smith, uses tech to engage communities in health and wellness.

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And non-profit STEMLY, an urban education initiative, encourages black youth to explore careers in the sciences.

In addition, many of AT&T’s “28 days” podcasts are hosted by one of my favorite bloggers Luvvie Ajay. Therefore, if you’re looking for a podcast to learn from, this is one I love. One of my favorite episodes is Episode 2 featuring Rey Ramsey.

Celebrate Black History Month and Win Cool Prizes

[Contests ends March 5, 2017]
Lastly, AT&T is also giving away some cool prizes. Enter weekly online at Feb. 1–Mar. 5. Winners will be notified by phone or e-mail Mar. 17. Check out a complete list of rules here – See more at: here.


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  • I love that ATT is taking advantage of Black History month to help celebrate black culture. It’s so important to be reminded of the influence blacks have had and still have. I’m definitely going to follow the street food IG.

  • Felecia Monique

    Great post very informative!!! AT&T is really making a large impact!

  • Joyce Brewer

    Delighted to see AT&T highlight these influencers. As a work at home mom and video producer, tech touches every aspect of my life.

  • Kasi Perkins

    This is awesome! I love what AT&T is doing for the black community!

  • Jazz

    I absolutely love it! Love seeing our people being recognized. It shows us and our children that there are people just like us that are just as innovative/successful as the next.

  • I am here fore all of this Black Excellence. I need to check out STEMLY.

  • Yes, we should celebrate Black excellence all year. We have so many contributions that don’t get talked about1

  • MJ

    We celebrate black excellence all year in our home. Our history is so great. Will definitely check out STEMLY.

  • Holly

    very cool. I didn’t know at&t did this.

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