Sickle Cell: Erase the Shame and End the Silence #30forSickleCell

30 posts for sickle cell. Learn more about Sickle Cell Awareness #30forSickleCell.

Today I was given an opportunity to explain to a few people about what Sickle Cell Disease is and what it means for the patients who live with it. More and more, I am understanding why silence must be stopped and the shame erased; as a result, I will continue to speak out and raise awareness whenever possible.

This is #6 in a month long series dedicated to raising awareness about Sickle Cell Anemia.

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My family and I attended the Maryland State Sickle Cell Picnic, below are some of our most memorable moments.

SCD Picnic 4The beautiful ladies from Sashay For Sickle Cell

SCD picnic 3

SCD Picnic

2014 MD State SCD Picnic #30forSickleCell #health #sicklecell

2014 MD State SCD Picnic #30forSickleCell #health #sicklecell

2014 MD State SCD Picnic #30forSickleCell #health #sicklecell

SCD Park


About the Featured Video “The Torch” by TinaKay

One of the most, moving awareness video’s I have seen recently, which features different stories from people who live with Sickle Cell Anemia. This project will be viewed at the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum. The pain is real, and it’s effect on people’s lives can be devastating. The need for more awareness and community support is huge. Together we need to continue to make a difference and end the silence. I take up the torch, this month and for the rest of my life to share more about Sickle Cell Disease.

5 Reasons to Learn More About Sickle Cell

  1. Raising awareness can help encourage more funding for grants and research projects
  2. Knowing your status and blood type can help reduce the number of children born with the disease each year
  3. Raising awareness can promote more people to give blood so hospitals will have more on hand to treat Sickle Cell Patients who often need to receive blood transfusions.
  4. Raising awareness can help educate the world because it is not just a disease that effects black people.
  5. Raising awareness and sharing different healthy living techniques can help others who are trying to find new ways to cope with the disease.

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