Etymology and Reading with Brittany Selah Lee-Bey

Etomology and Reading with Brittany Selah Lee on the Cleverly Changing Podcast

The Cleverly Changing Podcast is your guide to innovative education. In this episode, we welcome Brittany Selah Lee-Bey, an educator, reading specialist, and the creative mind behind “EtymologyRules: Back to Basics” and The EtymologyRules Show. While diving into the show, we discover how Brittany uses etymology and reading to transform literacy education for youth through interactive workbooks and an engaging YouTube children’s show.

[Show Notes]


Host: Elle Cole
Guest: Brittany Selah Lee-Bey, Educator, Reading Specialist, and Author


– Brittany’s inspiration behind creating “EtymologyRules: Back to Basics” and her passion for improving literacy skills.
– The unique and exciting approach of The EtymologyRules Show in making learning an adventure for children.
– Techniques and methods employed by Brittany to help youth struggling with reading.

Etomology and Reading with Brittany Selah Lee on the Cleverly Changing Podcast

**Key Discussion Points about Etymology and Reading:**

1. The Inspiration Behind “EtymologyRules: Back to Basics”
– The driving force behind Brittany’s passion for improving literacy skills.
EtymologyRules Workbook

2. The EtymologyRules Show: Making Learning Fun for Children

– The origin of the show and its impact on young audiences.
– Characters Ms. B and Ori: Bringing the magic to literacy education.
The EtymologyRules Show on ATPKidsNetwork

3. Techniques to Help Struggling Readers

– Specific methods and interactive exercises in the workbook.
– From the book “Complete with information, skill instruction, and practice, this first book of the Etomology Rules series helps its reader become a word connoisseur, one who is an expert of word knowledge.”

4. Success Stories and Memorable Moments

– Real-life examples of significant positive changes in children’s reading abilities.
– Engage with Brittany, see Success Stories, and connect in the Etymology Rules Facebook Group

5. Balancing Enjoyable Learning with Educational Content

– Striking the right balance to ensure effectiveness and impact.
– The importance of engagement in the learning process.

6. Leveraging Digital Platforms for Accessibility

– The role of YouTube and ATPKidsNetwork in reaching a wider audience.
– Link to EtymologyRules Podcast and more

7. Future Plans and Initiatives

– Expanding impact through partnerships and additional educational resources.
– Upcoming projects and initiatives to look forward to.


– Thank you to Brittany Selah Lee-Bey for sharing insights and the transformative work in literacy education.
– Stay connected with Brittany on Instagram, facebook, and find more about EtymologyRules on their Official Website:


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