Secrets of A Mom Boss | Lesson 60

Secrets of a Mom Boss | Tiffany Bethea on the Clevery Changing Homeschool Podcast

In this episode we also want single parents and all parents to be encouraged that you can be the boss that desire to become in your business, home, and life. Take a listen and be inspired.

This month is Entrepreneurs Do It Yourself Marketing Month and we know that if you’re in business for yourself you need to market yourself, products, and services year round. So parents teach your kids how to market and they will never go broke.

The African proverb for this week’s podcast is (1:43)

You have little power over what’s not yours. — Zimbabwean proverb

Word of the Episode ( 2:07)

"Batu" means people in Lingala from the Congo.

The Ultimate Sickle Cell Activity Book (2:40)

Order a copy of my third book “The Ultimate Sickle Cell Activity Book.” This book is recommend for preteens and teens and it teaches them about the history of sickle cell disease and how it affects the body.

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Grown Folks Section (3:48)

Tiffany Bethea is an award winning, bestselling author, international speaker, trained coach and consultant, ordained minister, worship leader and mompreneur. She is the founder of Kingdomboss through which she has provided a space for Christian entrepreneurs to learn to advance the kingdom of God in the marketplace. Through the signature program Kingdomboss Academy,  kingdom entrepreneurs turn their passion and expertise into profitable coaching programs, consulting packages and courses. As kingdom entrepreneurs encounter her they go from stuck and stagnant to overflow in their businesses.

She is also a spiritual teacher and coach who works with believers on upgrading from their counterfeit existence to truly living the life God has predestined for them. She is passionate about helping people discover their true identity and maximize their potential. She resides in Baltimore with her son Jordan.

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Kingdom Boss Society is a day marketing, branding and automation training experience for Christian entrepreneurs ready to transition from STUCK and STAGNANT to CREATING their first SIX FIGURES with ease.

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