The Ultimate Sickle Cell Activity Book

The Ultimate Sickle Cell Activity Book

Written for preteens and teens, The Ultimate Sickle Cell Activity Book is an educational resource for everyone who wants to learn more about sickle cell disease. The book educates readers from start to finish using word searches, crossword puzzles, secret codes, writing prompts, fill-in-the-blanks, and more. 

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The Ultimate Sickle Cell Activity Book is Elle Cole’s third book about sickle cell disease. Each book simplifies the information, so anyone can understand how this genetic blood disorder affects the body. The book is an excellent tool for parents, educators, healthcare workers, or caregivers to teach young people as they enter the transition phase from pediatric to adult care.

The Ultimate Sickle Cell Activity Book features:

Educational and fun

The book highlights a few African American pioneers who made pivotal contributions in the sickle cell community.

Positive and inspiring

The book presents a complex topic with a youth-friendly approach. The subjects go from Sickle Cell Trait and how the genetic disorder is inherited to complications, treatments, and the importance of mental health checkups.

Beautiful original illustrations

The pages are large, 8.5 x 11-inches, which gives plenty of room to write and answer questions. The book showcases a variety of different exercises.

Full of engaging activities for anyone 12 and older who wants to boost their sickle cell knowledge.
This book goes from sickle cell trait to the history of sickle cell disease to living well with sickle cell

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