Autism and Education Lesson 54

Autism and Education Episode 54 of the Cleverly Changing Podcast

In this Episode, we hear from Kpana a mom who considers it her life’s work to help families of children with disabilities get the support they need to function and thrive. She stands committed to her mission of amplifying the voices of people with disabilities. Listen to her personal journey about raising a child with autism and share this episode with a friend who would benefit from the conversation. 

The African proverb for this week’s podcast is: (1:18)

“Remove an old tree and the tribe weakens. – Lesotho Proverb” 

Word of the Episode ( 1:37)

"Baal ma" means excuse me, sorry, or pardon me in wolof, a language spoken in the Senegal and Nambia.

The Grown Folks Section: (2:55)

Today’s guest is Kpana Kpoto a wife and mom of two. In todays episode she spoke about her 13-year old son who is on the autism spectrum and her feisty four-year old daughter.  Kpana is a Manager for Parent and Family Engagement-Early Childhood at a New York City Parent Training Information Center which serves families of children with disabilities. She is also the cofounder of the Bronx Parents Autism Support Circle, Inc. which is a parent support group for parents of autistic children. 

In 2012, Kpana started a blog,  Sailing Autistic Seas and related social media platforms  to document her journey as a parent of a son who was newly diagnosed with autism. She also serves as a member of the Division for Early Childhood Family Committee. Before exploring her passion as a parent advocate, Kpana led a fulfilling career in educational publishing, including time spent as a senior project editor for the McGraw- Hill Companies. Her speaking, media, and writing appearances include Lehman College and Community Board 7 Early Intervention Forum, Bronxnet TV, BlogHer, and The Soca Mom Summit,  and Color of Autism: Conversation Between Two Moms, and 

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Autism Resources

Autism and Wandering

Parent Center (Connect to get resources and technical assistance for your child)

I did not mention the links below but they are good to help parents track their child’s development and advocacy. 
CDC Act Early


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Autism and Education Episode 54 of the Cleverly Changing Podcast
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