Challenge Young Readers with Jurema Gorham | Lesson 46

Challenge Young Readers | Lesson 46

First and foremost this is an episode that will encourage you. Feel free to take a few seconds to share it with a friend. Miriam and I spoke with science teacher, homeschool mom, and book club owner Jurema Gorham.

Today’s podcast is great for families who have a gifted child or anyone you is raising young readers.

(01:26) The African proverb for this week’s podcast is:

“Don’t run away from the rain based on the wind.” – Lingala Proverb
This proverb means that you should run away because of false alarms.

Word of the Episode (1:53)

Mbote means hello in Lingala a Central Bantu language 

The Grown Folks Section: (02:30)

JUREMA GORHAM is an innovator, educator, community activist, and Founder and Executive Director of Burst Into Books.

As a 9th grade Physical Science instructor, Jurema teaches over 100 students the principles of Physics and Chemistry. Through science exploration, analyzing case studies, project based learning and labs, students are able to use critical thinking to understand connections across disciplines. Also, through integrating the arts, they are able to create new ways to demonstrate mastery of the material. Jurema believes it is truly important to help her students to be innovators and seek to be change agents in the world.

Prior to joining Noble, Jurema taught at the elementary school level ranging from kindergarten to middle school. Her diverse instructional experience aided her in being able to provide differentiated lessons that met all students’ needs. Through data tracking, she was able to address misconceptions students had about the content. Also, challenge their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

In 2018, Jurema founded Burst Into Books NFP for young readers. Burst Into Books is a leveled reading organization that is geared towards children from ages 6 months to 18 years old. Our mission is to help children develop a love for literature through reading circles, book clubs, writing workshops, online workshops, educational services and family centered events.

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